Christmas Part Three: Christmas in Battle Ground

From Washougal we went up to Battle Ground to Scott's parents'.  They have this wood stove--we were there less than 5 minutes before I parked my fanny in front of it.  There is something about the heat of a wood stove--it's a different kind of warm!

One of our first nights at their place we headed over to Scott's sister's house to make cookies with her.  We all had a good time!  They have an unfinished bar that they have covered with paper.  When they entertain they put out  a bucket of markers and people write all over it.  The girls had fun there this summer and again this winter!

Another huge attraction at the farm is the cows, specifically S2 aka Fred whom we purchased this summer to fill our freezer. Scott's dad put a lot of time into socializing him so that the girls could get close to him. They had so much fun feeding him (and the rest of the herd) every day.

My kids love to play games and they found Grandma and Grandpa to be willing participants.  Some cribbage, some checkers, and a little backgammon for good measure!

We celebrated when Uncle Jimmy had the day off and had lots of fun spending the afternoon and evening of the last day of 2016 together and celebrating Christmas all in one night.

It snowed that night--just a dusting, but enough to turn things white.  My Alaskan darlings wowed everyone by running around in the white stuff barefoot...

We had lots of fun in Washington, but we were ready head home to Scott and our own beds.  This was my view on the plan ride home...

It was great fun to celebrate with everyone!  We arrived home and had a day to unpack and recover before school started up again. I was really patting myself on the back for that foresight back in July when I bought these tickets!