Field Trip--Alaska Railroad

One of the many things I love about our school district is the way they support learning in a variety of locations.  We all know that learning doesn't happen only in school, and that understanding is key to our school district's philosophy.  Recently we partnered with the Alaska Railroad to enjoy a bit of our backyard that is accessed only by train via the Glacier Discovery Train.  The girls and I took this trip back in 2012.  Sheesh...they were lots smaller back then!

Anyway, the trip has changed a bit.  It was quite new in 2012 and construction on the Spencer Whistlestop had not been completed.  A few folks got off on that trip, but the kids and I rode to the end. The weather was dampish that day and I wasn't too keen on being in the wilderness with two tired preschoolers.

Fast forward to 2016 and the Whistlestop has been completed.  The train ride appears to have found an audience, and the day we went was the perfect day to explore outside with a group of kids.  On board the train the kids were given goodie bags filled with bookmarks, pencils, erasers and such.  The railroad also provided lunch for everyone in our group that day.  They were so generous to us, it was so kind of them!  They even raffled off some prizes at he the very end of the trip.  I took lots of pictures that day, but I can't share many of them here since they include other students.  Here are a few you can enjoy, though....

Thank you AKRR for your generosity and support of our school!