Christmas Part One: Alaska

Christmas is such a special time of year!  We have spent Christmas in Whittier for the past several years.  We wanted to build holiday traditions here in our home with our little family all together.  They have been great holidays, but this year we decided to do it a little differently.  Scott stayed here in Whittier and the girls and I headed south to spend time with family.  Before we flew out, we celebrated here in Alaska.

We decorated our tree...

We made the traditional Korbe Christmas arrangements...

We baked for our community with our church family.  We delivered handmade lotion bars to friends around town and the four of us exchanged gifts.

Stacy made Kelsey this quilled paper cross...

It was a great gift for Kelsey and it was fun to watch the years of gift-making stretch this year.  Stacy knew what she wanted to make for Kelsey and she knew who to ask to help her.  It was fun to watch her take such joy and pride in her gift to her sister.

Kelsey chose something she knew would be a hit with Stacy.  It was a bit beyond her skill level so I ended up doing much of the sewing for her, but the thought she put into what Stacy would like was so sweet.  She was right--Stacy loves this shirt that we added lace insets to!

Scott and I got the girls helmets for snow machine and quad rides.  We gave them sort of gift certificates for the helmets, then we picked them out the day we landed back in Anchorage.  We need to take a good picture of them--they're bright colors, that's for sure!

I'll be back soon (or later!😊) to tell you about Christmas Part Two: Washougal!