Catching Up!

Hello there!  It's been a while since I posted here...don't worry, Whittier hasn't been swallowed by the ocean!  We were gone most of August and returned two days before school started, so it's been a bit of a whirlwind around here.

First things first.  We're back in school!  Life has sped up a bit and these girls have been very helpful as we've gotten back into our school year routine.

We have also started gymnastics up again, so that takes us to town every Saturday morning.  We are at a new gym this year, mainly for scheduling reasons.  The girls are very happy there so far!  Kelsey has progressed to the intermediate class while Stacy has some skills to work on in her beginner class.  Their classes are held at the same time with different coaches.  There are several other classes happening at the same time as well, but the gym is large and coaches have a way of spreading kids around so they get practice on a variety of skills without classes being right on top of each other.

That's what we're up to!  I'll be back to soon to write about our time in Washington...


  1. Aloha: my oh my where has the time gone. You girls are getting so bit. So Proud of you both in all of your accomplishments. :-)


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