A Visit From the Korbe Cousin--Part One

Gosh!  It's been awhile since I have been over here!  This has been a summer full of fun and adventure, that's for sure!

My niece was here to visit at the very end of June.  I picked her up early one Saturday morning and then together we picked up the girls from camp.  We took her to see the sandy beach in Kenai where we dip net in July.

On our way back to Whittier we stopped at the K'Beq Heritage site and the Cooper Landing Museum.  If you only have time to make one of those stops, the Cooper Landing Museum is the one I'd be sure to hit.  They have moved their old school, old post office, and a settler's cabin to the site and use them as their museum.  It's full of fun stuff, at least it's fun stuff if you love museums the way I do!  It's also home to "Dead Bear Walking" which is a full brown bear skeleton that was cleaned, set, and on display thanks to a couple of teachers and a group of adventurous students.  I met the teacher who headed up the project a few years ago and her enthusiasm is contagious.  The bear had been hit by a truck and sitting in someone's freezer for years.  They offered it to the school for the project and Sheryl and her husband (they were they only teachers in Cooper Landing at the time) accepted.  She told us she didn't know anything about how to complete the process, so they relied on local help, the internet, and some kind volunteers from the university system.  A pretty cool story--she tells a bit about it here.

The next day was a wet one in Whittier, but we took it slow since Kirstyn had been up most of the night flying and the girls were exhausted from camp.

We went for a walk to Smitty's Cove...

Kirstyn found this really cool set of stairs up in the woods where we hadn't explored before.  There was clearly a trail there at one point.  I'd like to go back and see if it leads where I think it does or not.  Kirstyn and I followed it as far as we could easily that day.

The following day was Monday, another wet day in 99693.  Our big adventure was showing off our new trail through the woods and doing some berry picking.

This is getting to be a very long post, so I'll sign off here and finish telling you about our cousin adventures in another post!


  1. Aloha: wonderful wonderful time the girls all had in water--hiking & all the fun things they did together. Memories :-)


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