Low Tide

We went out to catch the extra low tide the other day.  It is interesting, having done this for several years now, the different things you see every year.  Last year there were TONS of starfish.  This year, fewer starfish, but lots of other things including a clown nudibranch.  I would have never known what a nudibrach was a year ago, but thanks to a visitor we had at school this year, I do now!

We headed out with a friend of ours and her 4 year old daughter.  It was such fun to watch her excitement and hear all three of the girls exclaiming, "Look at this!" and, "See what I found!".

The weather worked out perfectly...rain was forecast for the day and it arrived by the bucket-full, just after we finished up!  We headed down to our local coffee shop to warm up.  We took our little buddy with us and it was so stinking cute to see them choose a table of their own and listen to them chat over bagels and hot chocolate.  The three of them spend lots of time before and after school together since their moms are both teachers, but it was fun to get to really listen in on their conversation.  It was sweet to watch my girls in the 'big kid' role!