Memorial Day Weekend

I'm not working this summer!  That means we have weekends to adventure together sometimes and that Scott can do some fishing if he'd like to as well.  I am delighted to have this time off with the girls.  We celebrated our first weekend off by heading up to Amber Lake.  Our friends have made some improvements to their beach area, so we took full advantage of that!

Hard to believe this was our access point to a frozen snowmachining paradise over spring break!  I was shocked by how warm the water was! I water skied on Sunday and it was warmer than some places I have skied in Washington.  The girls loved this game where they would get splashed by the wave from the Skidoo...

And they loved sking...

While we were there, Scott and I took a little paddle to a nearby cabin that's for sale.  It's probably not the one for us, but it was sure a pretty spot!

We got lots of visiting time in, soaked up lots of vitamin D, enjoyed slow cups of coffee, listened to laughing kids, and enjoyed God's beautiful creation all around us.  The kids slept like rocks every night.  I can't imagine a better weekend!


  1. Aloha: What fun the Korbe's had at the cabin. Girls so PROUD of you. Water skiing--yes----following daddy's foot steps is good. Glad you all had a good weekend enjoying :-)


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