Spring Break, Part 1

Hiya!  Our internet hasn't been the greatest lately, so I haven't posted.  It's like dial-up days...waiting and waiting for a page to load. So frustrating and yet...such a first-world problem.  We had spring break March 14-18.  It was so much fun!  The girls and I left bright and early on the morning of the 13 to drive to Fairbanks.  It's become an annual trip for us, to visit Nana and take in the World Ice Carving Championships.  If you would have told me that I would actually look forward to an 8 hour road trip by myself with the kids I would have laughed at you, but I really did!  It was a good trip, very smooth and not much squabbling.  There was lots of talking, some reading, and some listening to audio books.  A good way to spend a drive!

Our first day Nana had some commitments, so the girls and I ventured out on the town by ourselves.  We went to the Morris Thompson Cultural Center.  We had been there before a few years ago, but I knew the girls would appreciate it more now.  I was right...they read every. single. sign to me!

This year was the first year that the girls got to go at night--they were generally impressed, but it stretched poor S to her limit.  She doesn't handle being tired very well, poor kid.

We toured the sculptures, headed down the slide a few times and then headed back to Nana's house to go to bed.  Wednesday morning we played at Nana's house with her grandson.  It was 7 degrees out, but they were out there for over an hour!

It started snowing on Tuesday and snowed all day on Wednesday.  We left Fairbanks after lunch and headed south to Trapper Creek.  It was a lovely drive...if you love going 35 miles an hour in snowy  and windy conditions that is!  We arrived there safely though, so that's all that matters!  The craziest part was coming down the hill into Trapper Creek, turning onto Petersville Road and seeing this...

It was crazy how fast the clouds cleared and it was so pretty and sunny!  I'll be back soon with a post all about our time on Amber Lake...


  1. Aloha: glad you had fun during spring break. Good pictures==TNA Andrea :-)


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