Happy Birthday, Stacy!

Our one and only Daisy Mae had a birthday this past weekend.  Kelsey called Stacy "Daisy" when she was learning to talk and it stuck.  We have used it interchangeably with Stacy for the last 9 (!!) years!  I imagine one of these days she'll grow out of it, but until then we're hanging on to it.

Stacy picked these cake mixes out at the beginning of March and has been anxious to cook them ever since.  She laid them all out on Friday night and came up with the plan to bake them from purple to red so that she could stack and frost the layers as they cooled.  We only have two circle pans, so we had to cook them in 3 rotations.  I thought she was pretty clever.  I would have gone from red to purple and been trying to store them all along the way.

Scott and Kelsey were up at Amber Lake for Saturday, helping with a roofing project, so Stacy and I baked, shopped, and a had lots of fun on Saturday by ourselves.  We kept the cake in the cupboard while we were working on it to keep Peanut out of it (he has a sweet beak!) and to keep it from being damaged.

Six layers makes for a tall cake....

Stacy had planned to wait to open any of her gifts until Scott and Kelsey got home, but in the end she couldn't hold out.  She tore into her birthday dress first...

And then opened other gifts while Face-timing with other family members.  I did make her hold out for her gift from Kelsey, though.  Stacy and I went out for a birthday breakfast at the Inn at Whittier.  She chose her favorite, biscuits and gravy.  She later confided that eating at restaurants would be more fun if the food tasted more like it does at home.  Poor kiddo!  Apparently I have spoiled her.  Or created her to be a hermit.  Or a food critic?  Anyway...it was still fun to do something special.

Scott and Kelsey got home right after Stacy and I got home from church, so Stacy finally got to open that gift.  Kelsey nailed it...again.  They were both so excited!

Kelsey's video goes just up until Stacy opens it and then she quit recording!  Don't you just love Stacy's face when she *finally* realizes what it is?!?! So sweet!  It's a new comforter for her bed.

We took her birthday dinner outside with some friends.  It was nice to be able to enjoy some time outside before it started to pour.  She chose lasagna as her entree, and then there was her amazing cake she had made...

It was delicious, though hardly anyone was able to eat their small sliver...

It was a fun day, and she still has her party to look forward to on May 7.  It's going to be a pool party!!


  1. Aloha: HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY STACY. You had a good day & your cake looks delicioous. :-)


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