Bison Run Wild 5K

Last weekend the girls and participated in the Bison Run Wild 5K with some friends of ours.  It was a fundraiser for our friends over at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.  The first male runner across the finish line was awarded the right to name the first male bison calf of the season, likewise for the first female finisher and calf.  Rest assured...we're weren't first across the line, but we did all three cross the finish line!

It was rainy in Whittier last Saturday, but not over in Portage thank goodness!  It was a bit breezy though, so after arriving early to a) pick up our race bibs and b) get a good parking spot we waited in the car for the race to start.  Here we are with our friends, just before we started the run. 

It was a lot of fun!  Kelsey took off with her friend and Stacy and I hung back.  Stacy ran about half of the run, alternating with walking...not back for someone who didn't train!  She was alternately hot/cold/hungry/thirsty as we made our way around the route.  When we finished she fueled up with some water and pretzels.  Kelsey was happy to run with her buddy and finished a ways ahead of Stacy and I.  I am proud of both of them for sticking with it and finishing.  The route consisted of basically two laps around the center and then a shortened third lap.  It was a bit windy, so warm when you were running with the wind and chilly when you were running against it.  They were very happy at the finish line!

After the run we headed on into town to give away their old bikes and get new ones.  They're big enough now for bikes with gears!!

We hurried home so they could ride the rain.  I offered to stop in Girdwood where it wasn't raining, but they wanted to come on home so I could be on my bike, too.

rainbow in Bear Valley at the tunnel staging area

Our ride wasn't long as the girls were tired and hungry, but they enjoyed getting out and trying out their new wheels.  A surprise sunny day the next day gave us another opportunity to practice shifting as well.  Hard to believe they're riding adult bikes now...summer here we come!!


  1. Aloha: Love your new bikes with gears. Boy oh boy have you girls grown up way to fast. Completing runs to riding bikes with gears. Whow--good job :-)


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