Room Swap

We were busy last weekend with a room swap!  When we moved here the kids were young and fully in the toy years.  I chose the larger bedroom to be their playroom/my craft area and put them in the smaller bedroom for sleeping.  It worked well for a long time, but lately there had been more and more talk about 'more room' in their bedroom.  We started by making a scale drawing of the rooms and the furniture...

We found that there was no other way to fit the girls' bedroom furniture into their bedroom.  We also found that there was much more flexibility with their furniture in the other room.  Since they don't sit down and play with sets of toys the way they did when they were smaller having a smaller craft/toy space seems like it makes sense.  Here are are new layouts!

craft space
girls new room--blue bed is K's
girls' room--S's bed
So far it has been working well.  Scott has proposed perhaps lofting the girls' beds, but we haven't committed to that just yet...


  1. Aloha: I like the beds separate. Looks good--know you all will enjoy the room swap. :-)


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