Cabin Weekend...and a New Toy!

We just got home from a fun weekend up at the cabin!   We bought a new toy a couple of weeks ago and we surprised the girls with it on Saturday...

"Is it OURS?"


They were a *little bit* excited!!  We took it out for a long run that day.  It ran great and we had a blast!

We were out riding for about 5 hours and covered almost 60 miles!  It was lots of fun to explore some new territory.  Back at the cabin the girls hit the trampoline, we had dinner, and we watched a beautiful sunset,

Today we went out again for a much shorter ride.  Unlike yesterday it was sunny and warm and the mountain was out...beautiful!

We drove home through the Iditarod restart madness and stopped for dinner in Girdwood.  A good weekend--now off to track my mushers!


  1. Aloha: oh the snow looks so wonderful & playing on the lake--riding on the new snow machinh--how good is that. Great--:-) know you all enjoyed your time. :-)


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