Birthday Party Time!

We had Kelsey's birthday party Saturday at Arctic Crown Canvas.  She's been wanting to go there since I went with friends a few weeks ago.  We doubled up and partied with a friend of hers who also has a February birthday.  Her friend is also a horse-crazy girl, so they chose a horse picture to paint.

They guide you through the painting step-by-step so it is low-stress and fun.

The kids were so quiet and focused for the first little bit of the class.  Then they were singing and focused.  You could tell when they got comfortable--they started singing and chatting.  None of them had ever done something like this before, so they were all a bit nervous and uneasy at first.

The easels they have are so fun!  It sure makes painting easier.  We had pizza, chips, a veggie tray and cupcakes for the kids to munch on in between painting.  Kelsey made the cupcakes that morning...a good way to burn off some excited energy!

At the end they pose you for a group shot...

It's so fun how each one turned out so differently.  We came to town in two carloads--I had 7 kids in the Suburban.  On the way to Anchorage there was lots of singing--on the way back there was lots of laughter.  It was so good to see the girls all having fun together!  Our carload started out the afternoon at Baskin Robbins.  Not a bad way to start a party, right?

They sure didn't think so!  It was a new thing for us, taking a bunch of kids to town rather than hosting an all-kids party here in Whittier.  Each one has its benefits, but for a working mama the ease of not planning the whole thing was sure a treat!  The kids were so fun--at one point one of the girls asked if they were driving me crazy with their laughing.  I said no--I loved hearing them have genuine fun together.  I remember plenty of laughing at nothing with my own friends way back when!

So...Kelsey was delighted with her party and now Stacy has begun her party planning in earnest.  Stay tuned for what she dreams up for her birthday!


  1. Aloha: HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY KELSEY. You girls did an awsome job in painting. Baskin & Robbins ice cream looks delicious. Glad you all had a good time. :-0


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