On Writing...

Hello again!  It has been a bit since I have posted here.  It doesn't feel like it because I do so much writing with my kids at school--I feel like I have written here, but I haven't!  As I am journaling in class with them I often think that I will bring it home and type it up...clearly that hasn't happened yet.  It is interesting to write with pen and paper though.  Sometimes I think I like it better, other times it feels so cumbersome.  Lots of thoughts and ideas.


My brother was here for a visit over the weekend.  I took a personal day on Friday and we headed north away from slush and ice and rain, toward snow and sun.  We had fun!

We kicked back, played games, crocheted, talked, cooked, baked, walked, snow machined...

It was sunny.  Real sun!  And the mountain was out...

And then before we knew it, Sunday was here and it was time to pack up and head home.  Until next time...:-)


  1. Aloha: alot of fun here at the cabin. Nice picture of the Korbe family :-)


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