Happy New Year!

We spent the week of New Year's up at our friends cabin in Trapper Creek.  They have invited us up for several years and this year we were able to take them up on it.  We went up Tuesday night and came home on Sunday, so we had several days to kick back and relax...it was wonderful!!

We had a bonfire on New Year's Eve with a few fireworks.  While the fire was popping and the fireworks were going off the northern lights came out.  It was amazingly beautiful.  Breathtaking.

This is my favorite picture from the weekend.  I love it because I'm out on the lake looking back up at our friends' place which is all lit up and pretty, the aurora glowing overhead.

Pretty, huh?  There's a snow machine headed down the hill, so that makes the streak of light headed down the hill and lighting up the gazebo and the trees beyond.  Beautiful way to start the new year!!


  1. Aloha: so beautiful. Glad you all enjoyed :-)


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