This past Saturday the girls had their final gymnastics class of the session which was an exhibition where they got to show off their skills.  Although you can watch every class, Scott and I often ran errands or enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee during that hour.  It was fun to see how far their skills had progressed. We took classes at Aurora Kids and I cannot say enough nice things about them!  Everyone there is so kind and great with kids.  They were very accommodating and understanding, encouraging and kind.  I'd go back in a heartbeat! 

They each had a routine on the bars, on the floor, and on the beam.  I took some {blurry} pics of them both on the bars and then enlisted Scott to help by taking some videos as well.

Kelsey is very close to getting her back handspring...

We are taking a break from gymnastics for a bit.  The girls had lots of fun, but we are all ready to not be on the go every weekend for a bit and now that winter is here we like to plan our trips around the weather a bit more.  We'll reassess in the spring and see where we are.  Until then, we'll settle for cartwheels in the tunnel on the way to school!


  1. Aloha: thank you ever so much for posting these videos. They are great. The girls have come along ways in gymnastics. What a wonderful experience they are having :-)


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