Christmas Vacay

It's been a bit since I have posted here...hectic times!  Scott was gone for a week earlier in the month at a conference and then made a quick trip to Washington for his dad's birthday.  The girls and I managed to hold the fort down, even if I did fall into bed exhausted each night!  It was also the weekend of Saturday school which was a very fun day, even if it was school on a Saturday.  We did a maker fair for the kids, so they got to try all sorts of making and inventing things.  In the afternoon we got to go outside and play in the!

Then there was the famous week before Christmas Break where we were all just hanging on for dear life and waiting for the ride to end.  The kids did awesome every morning but afternoon was a bit more challenging.  Whether that was because of kiddo excitement or teacher exhaustion, we'll probably never know!

Thursday night was our Christmas program at school.  This year it was a collaboration between the church and the school which turned out very nicely.  Here are a couple of videos...

Church group songs...

Whole school songs...

I guess I missed the end of the final song where the kids got all excited over Santa arriving.  It cracks me up--they are so surprised every year!

Now here we are on the first day of Christmas break.  I managed to get in a run and a shower before noon so I am considering that success! :-) 


  1. Aloha: thanks for sharing--good job--enjoyed :-)


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