A Beautiful Drive

This weekend found me putting in some serious car driving time.  I attended a Christmas party in Anchorage on Friday night and was lucky to be able to spend the night it town.  Saturday I grocery shopped and met up with Scott and the girls after gymnastics and headed home.  Sunday the girls and I went back into town for a birthday party.  It was a lot of driving, but every time I find myself making that trip multiple times close together like that I am struck by how different the drive looks daily, particularly at different times of day.  I am so lucky to have one of the most scenic drives in America right out my back door!

Don't worry...I stopped before taking this one...

Photo credit for that last one goes to Kelsey.  It's handy to have big kids who can take pictures from the back seat while we are driving!

This week Scott is at a conference in Anchorage all week and the girls and I are rushing here and there back in Whittier.  They are involved in practices for a grand Christmas program at the church and I am *trying* to sew some Christmas presents and do all my teacher stuff too.  We have Saturday school this weekend, too.  It's a very fun day (a maker fair!), but even with it being pajama day, it's still school on a Saturday!

Hope you all had a good weekend...and are having a smooth week so far!


  1. Aloha: Alaska has it's beauty for sure. :-)


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