Hello!  I know I was absent from this space last week.  Scott was out of town last week, so I got my first week of being a working mama on my own.  Yowza!  We survived! It was busy, but we were still (mostly) smiling when Scott got home Thursday night.

In other news...Halloween!  I am so not sad that Halloween was on a weekend.  Not sad at all!  The teacher in me is not at all missing having the post-Halloween candy crash day as a school day.  We celebrated last weekend by attending the party at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and then attended the skate party at school on Friday.  Saturday we carved pumpkins approximately 34 seconds after we finished breakfast and then went trick-or-treating.  A few pictures...

Kelsey as a friendly ghost
Stacy as Dorothy with her buddy Kennedy, a flower
me, as my beloved Cabbage Patch Kid, Harmony

Some Halloween memories...2009, 2010, 2012, 2013.

This week promises to speed by--no school Thursday and Friday for kids while we teachers are in Anchorage for inservice on Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday! Hope it's a good one for you!