White Sunday

Last weekend we had a special treat in Whittier!  It was White Sunday which is a big deal in the Samoan culture and church.  White Sunday is the kiddo equivalent of Mother's Day and Father's Day.  It was explained to me that because Samoan culture focuses so heavily on elders, this is a day specifically focused on kids.  We attended White Sunday last year and the girls were invited to participate this year.  This year's service was also ecumenical.  There is lots of singing, dancing, and performing by kids.  The sermon was given by a young lady from the Samoan congregation and the whole thing was followed by a HUGE meal!

Here are a couple of videos for you...you can spot my ladies in the front row...

There were several skits and in this one the girls were cast as demons who convinced someone to make a bad choice.  It was well done and they were so excited about it...until the dress rehearsal when these masks came out!  They were a bit scared of themselves, but they did a great job once they got a bit more comfortable with how they looked.  

Overall it was a great experience for them and very fun to watch!  Such a fun way to worship!


  1. Aloha: Oh you looked so nice in your white outfits. So proud of you girls--did really well in your performance. :-)

  2. aloha: you girls look so nice in white. Glad you were able to participate. :-)

  3. Aloha: you girls look so nice dressed in white & I am so glad you got to participate in the program. :-)


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