Happy Labor Day!  Hope you're having (or had) a great 3-day weekend!  We haven't been up to much...a little grocery shopping and some teacher prep for next week.  We are headed to to the fair on Monday while you're reading this!


We're a week and a half into this working mama gig and I've gotta far, so good!  Last time I headed back to work the girls were much younger (1 and 2!!!) and I was far less mentally and emotionally prepared.  It was out of necessity that I left home and I was pretty sad about that reality. I remember the night before my first day of work...lots of tears. In spite of my reluctance, I ended up having a great year and working with an amazing mentor who taught me a great deal about balancing family and work {thank you Shelley!}.  

This time around the girls are much older and I was quite ready to head back into a career I love.  I so enjoyed being at home and being able to serve my community, but I also missed the rhythm and reward of the classroom.  So far we're faring pretty well over here at the Korbe house! ;-)  It has been lots of fun (a bit challenging too if I am totally honest) to have the girls at school with me.  I remember holding baby Kelsey and imagining having her in my school and now here we are.  I love this age...they are old enough to go outside and play after school, run home for snacks, or just stay at work with me.  Ups and downs as we settle into a new normal for sure, but looking at the big picture, my family has made this transition so smooth!  Scott and I spent all summer talking to the girls about little changes we would need to make--we'd all need to do things a little differently to make the puzzle of family fit together.  They've rocked it!  Everyone has stepped up to help handle the household responsibilities that I had handled for so long.  

Scott took the girls fishing for a bit after dinner the other night and I folded a couple of loads of laundry (that the girls had washed, dried, and brought home) and prepped meals for the next few days.  As I looked around I just felt so grateful to the three of them for helping make my dream come true...

Here are a few moments that made me smile last week.  Kelsey stayed home a few mornings while Stacy and I went over to school before school to prepare.  She cleaned the girls' room and organized her bed just so.  Love her PJs all laid out!

Laundry folded that I did not wash...

Lunch ready to take to school.  Most days we come home, but Fridays we stay and eat with some of the other staff.  I felt really together when I took this was Wednesday night, but I had Friday's lunch handled and Thursday's potluck contribution was in the oven.

My multitasking kiddos--folding their own laundry while I read our nighttime book together.  We're reading this right now.  I'm also reading A Wrinkle in Time to one of my reading classes at school and I'm having trouble keeping the events of the two books seperate!

I realize these photos are nothing special to anyone but me and that's OK.  Finding joy in the everyday moments is important to me and last week my joy was in not feeling behind the curve with regards to meals and laundry.  It's the little things!

Hopefully I'll be back this week to tell you about the fair...we're looking forward to it!


  1. Aloha: Thanks to good parenting the girls have learned to try & make people happy including mom. This is their specialty :-) Helping--caring--making people happy :-)


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