We Went to the Fair!

We spent last Monday at the Alaska State Fair.  It's become our tradition, fair on the last day-Labor Day.  We go with some friends of ours and it is always fun!  This year we were treated to the best weather yet!

The fair was running this promotion via social media where they invited you to pose for a picture to "put the I in FAIR".  Here are the girls with their buddy Austin...

After the required stop for our Denali Cream Puff breakfast, we headed to the petting zoo.  Stacy wanted to bring these baby piggies home.  Or was it the piggies that wanted to bring Stacy home?  She was quite the piglet magnet, either way!

Our next stop was the giant veggies...

Next up Kelsey waited in line f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to do this.  She really had fun!

It looked exhausting to me, but she said it was a lot of fun.  None of the other kids really wanted to...except the four year old who was devastated that you had to be five to play.  Next year!

One of the things that has changed over the years is that we are able to actually visit some of the exhibits now that the kids are older and can walk a bit farther.  This year they were all enthralled with the demonstrations.  Spinning...

Wood turning, and the sewing.  Oh the sewing!  Where Stacy stopped and chatted up every. single. stiticher asking what they were making and telling them about her various projects.  The sewing ladies ate it up!

After lunch it was finally time for the rides.  Oh rides!  We got off to a rocky start, but finally found a few that the girls enjoyed.  They both wanted to do this one, though Stacy vows she is never doing it again.  Kelsey loved it!

Last year this one was too scary.  This year they loved it and rode it twice!

After rides we topped off our tummies with more fair food and then headed for home, all tuckered out.  Kelsey was too tired to eat her corn sitting up...first she sat, then leaned, then just gave up and lay down!

It was a fun day...already looking forward to next summer!

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  1. Aloha: my oh my it looks like so much fun. glad you got to enjoy the fair w/friends. :-0


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