September Skies

We had {another} busy week here last week.  We only had school Monday through Wednesday as there was teacher inservice on Thursday and Friday.  Our district does these longer inservices throughout the year since we have teachers in several remote locations it allows us to maximize our travel and training budgets.  This week we did some math training and got our state mandated seclusion and restraint training.  We also did a team builder at the new Anchorage indoor trampoline facility, Get Air.  We had a great time!!  I think just about everyone tried something new and outside of their comfort zone which was the intention.

Saturday night we had the most amazing display of northern lights I have ever seen.  I thought the ones last November were amazing but these were every bit as spectacular in a totally different way.  These were not as bright as the ones we saw in Trapper Creek, but they were dancing and flashing and pulsing.  They were also bright enough that you could see them out the living room window in spite of all the light from streetlights and the rail yard!  Scott and I woke the kids up so that they could see them...a light show in your pjs in the living room?  WIN!!  I bundled up and headed outside for a bit to watch in the was beautiful!  Watching at 40 degrees is a totally different experience than watching at 4 degrees!

I took 300+ pictures, but here are a few of my favorites...

I am feeling pretty blessed to live in such a beautiful place!