::right now::

:: listening to this podcast last week on the way to physical therapy...loved it!  "...Jesus people should speak into these issues as distributors of peace, brokers of hope, and bridge builders..."

:: grateful for home

:: planning a girls weekend with my ladies...Scott is off to have some fun with some friends of ours this weekend

:: eating 'clean the fridge' fried rice

:: reading The Girls of Atomic City --almost done!

:: trying to remind myself that every day is a new day with no mistakes in it--thank you Anne Shirley!

:: cooking all kinds of things--I am teaching a cooking class right now!

:: wondering what winter will be like this year...it snowed in Anchorage today!
:: watching early fall progress into late fall

:: hoping to get some crafting in this weekend

:: remembering those lovely warm days of summer while it rains (sleets?) sideways outside

:: creating nothing...and everything!  Not much craftiness, but lots of lesson plans, menus, new routines, an so on...

:: celebrating my kiddos sweet spirits, generous personalities, and helpful hearts

:: considering balance...what it meas and how it is dynamic

Have a great week, everyone!