I was in Homer the week before last for teacher inservice.  Our inservice has some team building time built into it, so we got a chance to step away from the training and just hang out together.  It was great!  Our team spent part of the time working and part of it playing.  Wednesday was my birthday and a group of us went across the street to AJ's Steakhouse to see Hobo Jim.  I saw Hobo Jim for the first time last summer in Homer on my birthday and really enjoyed his music.  This year he upped the ante and came to sing me happy birthday and gave me an autographed CD.  What a guy!

I took these pictures on Thursday night when we were playing...a couple of us rode our bikes from the place we were staying to the spit--Google maps says it's a 5.6 mile ride.  Thursday night I just rode one way.  Saturday afternoon I rode there and back with another teammate from Whittier and decided a need a new bike...hers was WAY less work than mine!

I expect to see Pippi Longstocking every time I go past this...

What's a trip to Homer without some pretty sunset pictures?  These are from the yard where we were staying.

On Saturday night we had a little campfire...

We headed home on Sunday morning.  We had teacher work days at school on Monday and Tuesday and school started Wednesday.  It was a busy week, but a fun one too.  Looking at that campfire makes me want to eek the last hours of summer out that we can.  S'more anyone?