Hello there!  It's been a while, but we've been busy!  The girls participated in a gymnastics camp at the beginning of August and it was such fun to watch them stretch themselves and try new things.  We put a lot of miles on the car, had several picnics, and mama got a chance to have a few afternoons on my own.

The last day of the camp the kids did a little exposition of their skills, which was so much fun to watch!  The girls did beam routines, bar routines, and floor routines.  They were very proud to show off their skills!

We stopped a few times on the way home to play in the water.  It was a very warm week and we found that a little water time helped the girls chill out a bit after three hours of camp.  They were very tired by the end of the week...and so was I!

Because we're crazy we signed the girls up to take classes this fall.  They both wanted to do it very much so Scott and I decided to give it a whirl.  Class is once a week for an hour on Saturdays, so we can work around that!  Their first class was today and they had a blast.  Kelsey is already planning her trip to the Olympics....


  1. Aloha: after watching you in person your gymnastics skills are awesome. Good job girls :-)


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