Grandma and Grandpa Were Here!

Scott's parents were here at the end of the month.  Since I had so much work to do to get myself ready for school to start it was excellent timing!  They were here for a few days before my trip to Homer and the whirl of the last days of summer and first days of school.  I so appreciated being able to work without the kids for a few days.  They are excellent helpers, but it is nice to fully immerse yourself in your preparations as well.

One of the things we did those few days was take a boat trip.  It was a fishing trip really, but turned into a sightseeing trip when we had a little engine trouble and had to spend most of our day limping back to Whittier.  It was so was hard to feel disappointed!  The girls each caught a rockfish before we had to head home, so that put them in good spirits!

The kids had lots of adventures with Grandma & Grandpa.  One day while Scott was working we checked out the new hot spot in Anchorage, Get Air.  It's a bit spendy, but totally fun and worth it in my opinion.  It's not an every day stop, but it will be a fun winter treat when we feel like we haven't been outside in eons!  Scott and the girls took Grandma and Grandpa up to Hatcher Pass, down to the SeaLife center and to points in between.  There were also visits to the zoo and the conservation center.  Since I wasn't along for lots of those adventures I don't have pics to share, but I assure you there were lots of smiles!  Thanks so much for visiting!


  1. Aloha: We had a wonderful time. The girls have grown so much & have become very independent alot. :-) From fishing to running around doing many things with the girls. Scott & Andrea too--we enjoyed ourselves with the Korbe family--especially seeing in person what the girls have accomplished in many fields. Good Time :-)

    1. Aloha: THANK YOU so much for having us up to Whittier & showing us a wonderful time; We had a good time enjoying all --THANK YOU for your hospitality. :-)

  2. Aloha: The only thing we didn't see was a moose. We saw bugla's--norther lights-puffin's-otters-all kinds of fish-halibut-rockfish-bass-cod-pacific cod-ling cod -salmon-and many other Alaska goodies. Was a wonderful time.

  3. Aloha: We had a wonderful time with all of the Korbe's. Experienced many things--especially things the girls have accomplished in their lives due to good parents. :-) Thanks for making this trip a memoriable one & thanks for the hospitatility :-)


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