Grandma was here!

We had such a fun week with my mom last week!  On the way home from the airport we visited the conservation center.  It was nice and sunny and we didn't want to waste it! They had fed the bears some fish near the bear boardwalk, so we got a nice, close view of them.

The resident black bears are always a bit more shy than the brown bears.  The next morning the tide and the weather cooperated for a great time of beach exploring!  The beach is a little different each year.  This year we found lots of sea stars, anemones, urchins, crabs, and some sort of eel-like little critters.

Mostly what we did was have fun just being together.  Lots of hours spent chatting, playing games, cooking, touring Whittier and showing off our beautiful home town.  We popped out one (mostly) sunny afternoon to ride the tram at Alyeska.

Our final big activity was taking a glacier cruise out of Whittier.  We crossed our fingers, hoped for decent weather, and got very lucky!  Pardon my dirty lens.  I would take the time to edit these photos, but given my infrequent blog posts lately, who knows how long that would put off this post!

It was a great boat ride and it's hard to beat the view!  Thanks so much for coming up, Mom!  We had so much fun sharing our week with you!


  1. Aloha: memories of a wonderful week for all of you. Alaska is beautiful as usual & pictures show this :-)


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