The kids and I went camping last month and I never took the time to write about it here!  We went when there were wildfires raging in both Willow (near our beloved South Rolly Campground from last summer) and down on the peninsula.  We had originally planned to camp in Hope, but a friend alerted us that they were having some bear trouble in Hope (the problem has since been solved) so we headed on up the pass a bit.  We checked out Bertha Creek and Granite Creek.  Bertha Creek was a cute little spot and there was a bit of construction happening at Granite Creek so we settled in at Tenderfoot Creek Campground at South Summit Lake.  While I try to avoid being 'connected' while camping it seemed prudent this time, given the weather and our proximity (less than 50 miles) to the fire burning in Moose Pass.  It got a bit smoky and a burn ban went into effect while we were out, but other than that we had no trouble.

Tenderfoot was recently renovated and is a very nice little campground!  It's located on a lake which made it a hit with the girls!

A family that had rented a peddle boat across the lake came over and warned us about being in the water..."It's dangerously cold!" the grandmother kindly warned.  The girls sweetly laughed and explained that we are "from here" and "we're used to it".  She thought we were a bit crazy!

We had a campfire our first night, which turned out to be a good thing since a burn ban went into effect the next day.

We visited Hope the next day.  Hope is such a fun, quiet little town.  They think of Whittier as a big town, which the girls and I got a kick out of!  We ran into some kids that the girls knew from ski lessons, so that was fun!  We rode our bikes all over town and picked out our spot at the Porcupine Campground for the next time we choose to camp there.

smoky Turnagain Arm from what will one day be our campsite 

Scott came and had dinner with us that night.  The girls didn't know he was coming so it was a fun surprise for them!

We headed home the next morning.  Of course, it had sprinkled over night and everything was wet.  We really needed the moisture at that point though, so we didn't complain.  Apparently we had missed the total downpour that happened a few miles north of where we were.  Can't say I was too sad about that!  It was a fun couple of days and I am so glad we took advantage of the hot weather while it lasted!


  1. Aloha: so glad Scott was able to join you guys. That was super nice. Camping is having fun. A lot of fun enjoyed here :-)


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