We're Home!

We're home from our road trip and we had such a fantastic time!  I will try to write up a bit about it later, but we're in the middle of a stretch of amazing weather here in AK, so we're soaking it up.  It's been so nice that the girls and I have been in tank tops and swimming suits daily.  It's so much fun!  The downside is that there are several wildfires burning that are consuming structures.  It's tough to watch the news any day, but this makes it extra hard.  The fire is burning in Willow, in the heart of dog mushing country.  Here's an article about how mushers are coping and helping each other out.

So...while we are having fun in the sun, here's a photo from our trip, our first day in Yellowstone, as we waited for Old Faithful to erupt...

Now...off to finish packing.  The girls and I are going camping tomorrow!


  1. Aloha: Wonderful picture of the KORBE family. :-)

  2. Aloha: wonderful picture of the KORBE family--:-)


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