Well hello there!  It's been a bit since I've posted.  I've never taken big breaks like that, but this has shaped up to be a very fun-filled summer and sitting down at the computer has taken a back seat for a bit.

Since I was here last we have said hello and goodbye to my brother and his family.  We had an adventure-filled week with trips to Seward and Palmer, hikes here in Whittier and a bit of down time in between it all.

Their first couple of days here were sunny, so we hiked a few of our favorite Whittier trails...

That evening we took a boat ride out to Blackstone Bay...

...stopping at the kittywake rookery on the way.

The next day we headed to Seward where we visited the Sea Life Center.  It has been a couple of years since we have been there and lots has changed.  It was great to visit again!  As always, the touch pools were a huge attraction for the girls.  We also caught a mini-training session with the sea lions which was very fun to watch!

Later that day we visited Seavey's Iditaride.  They've also changed their facility a bit, which was fun to see.  Our guide was Justin Savidis which was really fun for the girls and I.  He was our guide the last time we visited as well.  Just a nice guy!

As usual the puppies were a hit!

We took some quiet time at home on Friday and then headed out on Saturday.  We visited the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center--it was pouring and packed with tourists, so it wasn't my favorite stop of the day.  I kind of forgot about it being the weekend!  Next we stopped at the Anchorage Market where I work most weekends.

After lunch, browsing, and ice cream at market we drove on to Thunderbird Falls.  It's a hike I've been wanting to do and it was beautiful!

The canyon you walk along is DEEP.  No way can you take a picture that shows it, but trust me...hold on to your kids!

Our next stop was the Williams Reindeer Farm in Palmer.  Feeding reindeer is always fun!  They also had elk to feed and bunnies and chickens to pet--a big hit with the kids!

Next we trekked to The Musk Ox Farm.  This was a new one for us!  It was fun to learn the history of musk ox farming in Alaska and to get to see and pet the musk ox.\

We spent our last couple of days together in Whittier, venturing out between showers (though my brother and went for a couple of runs in the driving rain--always fun!), playing with Legos, and just enjoying time together.  It was a sad goodbye last night as we sent them back home to their real lives.  It is always so exciting to pick up visitors...and so sad to send them home!


  1. Aloha: Yes it is fun to go but it is hard to leave. Always chocking down the tears. :-)


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