Hey look!  I sewed something!  In between, in bits and pieces.  It's the familiar Geranium Dress pattern that I have used before.  The girls like it and although it has lots of options, they chose this version.  We all like that it can be a sundress or a jumper making it a very functional piece of clothing!

Bet you can't guess which dresses are for which girl...

Funny, huh?  I finished Stacy's (top picture, in case you wondered!) for her birthday last month and I finished Kelsey's last night.  After all...when you tell kids they'll be ready in time for vacation you've gotta produce, huh?  Deadlines are a good thing sometimes!


  1. Aloha: girls the dresses will look so nice on youl. Happy wearing them. You look so nice in dresses. :-)

  2. Aloha: girls you will look so good in your new dresses. You both look nice in dresses. :-)


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