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It's been a heck of a week and we have two more crazy-busy weeks ahead of us before we leave for vacation. I spent a day in town this week taking the Praxis so I can finally get my Alaska teaching certificate.  I also flew to Valdez for a few days.  Scott has several construction projects in town this summer that he is managing as well as the usual gearing up for the season.  We're all looking forward to vacation!!

 This is a collection of moments from this week...


:: listening to this podcast on the way home--the message really resonated with me.  Do what's in front of you.  If you don't have a passion for any one thing, don't feel led in a particular direction but want to leave a lasting impact on this earth, just do what's in front of you.  Nobody cares more about it than you do!

:: grateful for home

:: planning our road trip...it's going to be fantastic fun!!

:: eating cheap take-out sushi with the girls for lunch today.  Nothing fancy, but they sure loved the surprise!

:: reading I am Malala (for book club), Walking My Dog Jane (for fun), and Real Boys (thinking of next year)

:: trying to get my teaching certificate packet in the mail today--I think I finally have all of the pieces!

:: cooking Scott's birthday brownies last weekend...

:: wondering why this webpage was so fun...and if anyone really thinks I look 21, haha!

:: watching raindrops outside.  We had a nice stretch of sunny weather, but it is clearly over!

:: hoping that it isn't raining in Anchorage all day on Saturday...it's the first weekend of market!

:: remembering Stacy's great presentation last week!

:: creating dresses for Kelsey.  I need to show you the dresses I made Stacy, too!

:: celebrating graduation tonight!  We have two amazing seniors who are headed out into the world and I am so excited for them both!

:: considering this blog post and this one too...good stuff! 

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I love the collection of memories. What a great way to roundup a week. We missed the first week of the market, but we'll try to hit it this weekend.

  2. Aloha: it looks like you had a really nice presentation. good job :-)


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