Last Day of School

...and then it was the last day of school!

This is Stacy's "I don't really want to have my picture taken" face.  Kelsey is much more 'up for it' lately when I want photos.  Stacy notsomuch.  I roll with it...sometimes the results are pretty funny!!

So it's officially summer time over here!  We are leaving on Sunday for a three week vacation.  Our first big road trip.  We are all very excited to spend some quality time together, unplugged from the day to day grind and having fun together.  It's been a very busy spring and we are looking forward to reconnecting.

Sometimes she even smiles when I ask her to...

So we'll probably be absent from this space for a bit...unless I find time and wifi while we're adventuring.  Either way...have a great summer!


  1. Aloha: Congratulations girls. So proud of you. Now 4th grader & 3rd grader. Pictures are awesome. :-)


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