Hello, again!

Looks like I am down to weekly posting lately...spring has sprung, the tourists have arrived, and life is full!

Mother's Day was so sweet!  I got some lovely gifts the girls had made at school and got to eat some of my favorite foods.  Scott & the kids made hash browns and eggs over easy for breakfast and we went out for lunch and got a free cup of coffee at the Lazy Otter.  We had a yummy dinner at home and then I took a lovely bath.

Monday I worked on some dresses for Kelsey.  I just have the final hand stitching to do and buttons and button holes and they'll be ready for wearing and sharing here.  Kelsey also made her first dinner for us mostly on her own.  She created the menu and the shopping list and did most of the work herself.  It was delicious!

Tuesday I flew out to Tatitlek for the day for my final school board meeting.  It was bittersweet.  I have learned so much in my time as a board member, but I am very excited to be back in the classroom next year as well.  The day was clear and beautiful which made for a great flight!

Yesterday I ended up with a houseful of little girls ranging in age from 9 years old to 5 months old.  Whew!  I was pooped at the end of that!  I was so glad for my big girls to help out.  It's very helpful to have a few sets of hands to jiggle a fussy baby, help a 3 year old, and wash dishes.  It was a fun and busy afternoon and evening.  In the middle of all of yesterday's fun, Stacy tackled her first dinner for us which included a whole turkey!  She was pretty proud of herself, and she should be...it turned out great!

Hope your week is also full of fun!  We're counting down over here...10 days until we leave for vacation!!!


  1. Aloha: Kelsey & Stacy--gdma is soooo PROUD of you two girls for all your accomplishments.
    both of you have completed your first dinners & they look very well. Good Job. :-)


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