The Weekend

On Friday the girls and I attended a performance of Mummenshanz in Anchorage.  It was really neat!  There was lots of personification of shapes and objects that made you think about things in a different way.  I liked that!  The kids did too!  While we were waiting for it to start I snapped this photo of the beautiful stage in the Atwood Concert Hall at the Alaska Performing Arts Center in Anchorage.  It's so cool, all those lines and angles!

We also did a little shopping while we were out, complete with a beloved Cabbage Patch Kid in our shopping cart!  This made me smile so big my face hurt!!

Saturday found us outside in the sunshine as much as possible.  We took our lunch outside and picnicked right next to the slush...

We also took advantage of a free bike workshop a friend of ours was offering and worked on our bikes.  The kids both needed some handlebar fine tuning and my brakes needed some work.

Sunday found us back in town because less than an hour after arriving at home on Friday night one of the nose pads on Kelsey's glasses popped off.  Rotten timing!  Oh well--we took advantage of it and made some stops we don't often have time for like Jo-Ann Fabrics and PetCo (the kids like to check out all of the animals).  We also stopped for ice cream on the way home...'cause what's a girls day without ice cream?

Hope you had a great weekend, too!