The Final Day of Ski PE

After having our last lesson cancelled last week due to high winds, we wrapped up ski lessons on a make-up day yesterday.  The kids had a blast and I stretched my wings a bit farther, too!

Those are my skis in the tram, headed to the top of the mountain.  Well, not quite the top (refer to map here), but pretty close!  Everyone kept on telling me it wasn't that steep, not that scary, you can do it and all that.  I didn't believe them but I was tired of skiing the slush at the bottom so I let my friend (and pastor, so I was pretty sure he wouldn't kill me--that would make for a bad headline!) Brian take me up and lead me down.  Turns out nobody was lying to me!  It was fun!  The snow was better, it wasn't that steep, and I can do it!  In fact I did...twice more!  So here's to stepping out of the comfort zone AGAIN.  If you had told me last April (or in December for that matter!) that I would be skiing from up there I would have laughed right in your face!  Why do I always do that to myself?  I limit myself all. the. time.  Silly me.

The girls and I did one final run at the end of  ski lessons.  They were pooped.  Here's Stacy as we waited in line at the tunnel.

Next winter they're going to be the kids just flying around while Mom and Dad slowly make their way down the hill.  Maybe they'll even be nice enough to wave at us as they go by?  They've learned so much--it's amazing, their capacity to learn new things!!


  1. Aloha: sad to see the lessons come to an end but know the girls learned a lot from their lessons and this will benefit them for the future. Very proud of their progress :-)


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