New Roles

Some pretty exciting stuff has been happening around here the past few weeks!  In the midst of all my coming and going I also filled out a job application.  There will be an opening at the girls' school next year (the only school around!) and I applied for and got the job.  I'll be back in the classroom next year!  I am beyond excited!  There are some inservice days next week that are used for planning the upcoming school year, so I'll get to be part of that planning and start to really dig into what next year will look like.

On the other hand, I am sad to have to leave my position on the school board.  I have learned so much about how school districts function and their organization and leadership.  I know that this understanding and the experiences that I have had with the board will make me a better teacher, but I will miss collaborating with board members around the state.

So back to teaching.  I haven't talked very much about it on the blog, but our school district rocks my world.  It's an amazing system that I am proud have been part of as a volunteer, parent, school board member and now as a teacher.  If you're curious, Google "Chugach School District" some day and do a little reading.  I'll even link you to a series of articles that was written this winter about our district.  Read carefully, yours truly was interviewed for this series and is quoted in one!

It will be a great year.  It will come with challenges as our family gets used to Mom working, as we adjust to a new role in the community, and as I learn to juggle work and family again.  It will also come with huge rewards as we all stretch outside of our comfort zones and learn to take on some new responsibilities.  It's going to be great!!


  1. Aloha: I know you will enjoy your teaching. Adjustments for the whole family yes but it will be good & fun for all. Alot of learning coming down the way & happiness as well :-)


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