Flashback to last Wednesday for a minute when I got this text message.  Whales in Passage Canal?!?!  I did what I had to do; grabbed my camera, tripod, and my pal Debra and we headed off in search of them.  What followed was a morning of laughs as we chased the whales around town, narrowly missing their awesome appearance several times.  Finally we all ended up in the same place and we got to watch them play for a bit.  One of the teachers from the school brought kids down to see them too!  Some more friends had walked down by this part and we all headed over to the coffee shop for their opening day.  Great morning and a few decent pictures as well!

This is one of the things I love so much about this town...our common love for where we live and our commitment to enjoying it!  Find me another school that drops math for whales!  Not just whales though, whales in the front yard.  We are so blessed to live here in such a beautiful corner of the world!


  1. So exciting! Thanks for sharing. We live in the Blue Ridge Mtns, VA and whenever I can take a picture of a bear rambling through our turf, I send it around to friends, neighbors, and relatives. A whale sighting is so cool!


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