SO Much!

This is going to be a post with lots of little things...bear with me!


This past weekend was a good one!  We were expecting snow but got some sunshine instead.  Rather than sledding we found ourselves digging out our baseball mitts for games of catch!  Crazy weather!  Saturday we decorated the school for Dr. Seuss week (stay tuned for pics on Friday!) and had a game night at our house with friends.  We ate lots of yummy food and played lots of fun games!

Sunday the girls made cookies all by themselves to take to church.

The cookies were delicious and the girls were delighted to do it themselves.  Baking in our tiny kitchen can be quite a challenge, but they managed!

Yesterday was ski PE day 3 for the girls.  Kids are so amazing in how fast they learn!  Stacy's group took the tram to the top of the mountain and skied down (refer to the map here) and Kelsey tried her first blue run on a snowboard.  I am sooooo proud of them!  We stayed after lessons a bit to practice.  The girls met some friends from Girdwood at the Daylodge.  Riding the chairlift with friends is so much more fun than riding with mom!

I did convince them to ride with me once...

...before friends got there!  We had a blast and came home to dinner in the crock pot.  Bam!  Nothing like rolling in the door with two starving and exhausted kids and having dinner ready to go.  I felt like supermom!

Hope you are having a good week too, friends!


  1. Aloha: so proud of you girls for all your success in skiing & snow boarding. What a lot of fun your having. :-) Watch out mom the girls will pass you on the slopes. :-)


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