Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays.  Not the Hallmark-y roses and candy part so much (though my love of chocolate is undeniable) but the kindness part.  Being nice to others is an idea I can really get behind!  We started celebrating on Friday night by attending our church's Valentine's Day dinner.  It was hosted by the youth as a fundraiser for a spring break retreat.  It was so much fun!  I wish I had taken a picture of the way they had transformed the Homeowner's Lounge into a cozy restaurant was fantastic!  The service was excellent as well!  Part of the fun was the fact that we all dressed up to attend.  I even curled the girls' hair which they were very excited about!

On Saturday the girls and I baked up all sorts of yummy treats (including some cupcakes not pictured below)...

The girls ran all over the BTI delivering the cookies.  It was fun to watch them so excited to give.  In the afternoon we headed into town to take the girls to a kiddo Valentine's Party.  They got all dressed up in some new dresses and danced the evening away with their friends.  They had such fun and were sooooo tired when we picked them up! 

Scott and I went to the movies while they partied.  We haven't been to the movies in years (not even kidding!) so it was fun.  We saw American Sniper which was very good.  Very intense, but very good. It definitely reminded me of the sacrifices military families make and renewed my gratitude for their willingness to do so. 

Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day as well, however you celebrated!


  1. So glad you all had a good Valentines. Pictures are awesome. Good pictures of all of you. :-)


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