This weekend we finally got to go sledding in our own zipcode!  On Friday the sun returned to Whittier.  It's always such an exciting day when it peeks over the mountain again for the first time in the new year!  The sun shines first on the Inn and then works its way up the hill.  By mid-March we are getting sunshine in the school windows!

Friday afternoon we went outside after school and did some sledding.  We don't have a bunch of snow, but we have enough to sled and it has stayed cold so it is still fun to play in.  Yippee!  And it was still light at 5pm...double yippee!

The girls had lots of fun attempting to 'snowboard' on their sleds.  They were pretty good at it and they even convinced me to try it once.  I am sure it wasn't pretty, but I didn't crash!

On Saturday we were out again and again on Monday.  We've been blessed with a stretch of nice weather without gusting winds...we've enjoyed lots of time outside and lots of hot chocolate too!


  1. Yes some snow :-) Good snow boarding :-)


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