Ski PE Day 2

(to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas) On the second day of ski PE, mama skiied, too!  Good thing we all have experience water skiing, too.  It was a *bit* slushy on the mountain!  Skiing in slush is hard work!

before lessons, Stacy again with the "let's do this already!" expression on her face!
I got in a few runs while the kids were in lessons...although the snow was terrible, the view was pretty!

We stayed after lessons for about 2 hours, practicing what the girls had learned.  It was so much fun to see lots of kids from Whittier trying out new hills, stretching themselves.  We ran into a few friends from Girdwood on the slope as well.  They hung out with us, helped our freshman snowboarders and made everyone smile.  That's what it's all about--making someone else's day a little bit better!

Stacy, the sun and I headed up chair 3
Here's a video of Kelsey's first attempt at the hill.  Stacy wanted to stick with us, even though she preferred a bit steeper hill so she took to skiing backwards while looking through her legs to keep herself entertained!

This run was a trip or two later.  That's apparently all the longer it takes a 9 year old to put 2(!!) lessons into play...

For her part, Stacy's instructor took her group to the terrain park where I saw (from the chairlift, no photo) her catch a little air going over the jumps.  She LOVED that!!  Great way to spend an afternoon and so many lessons to learn from kids...I don't even have words for how much fun I had watching all of my Whittier kids yesterday.  No words--if you know me very well you know what a feat it is to leave me speechless! Since I am out of words I will borrow a few from one of Whittier's long term residents, "Shine on!"!


  1. Aloha: so glad that the girls are having fun with the opportunity of ski & snowboarding lessons. Happy for you girls & you look like your enjoying :-)


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