::right now::

This post should more correctly be titled ::today::.  At no one point today will I be doing all of these things, but rather it's a collection of things from my day...moments.  Today is one of those days where it will take me all day to write this post.  I know I'll work on it in little bits and pieces here and there throughout my day.  It's a busy one, this day...several meetings, some commitments to help here and there, some neighbors to look in on.  Life.  This day is full of life.


:: listening to Matthew West's song Do Something--it speaks to me!

:: grateful for the way people in the community always surprise me...just when I think I know

:: planning my packing list for meetings in town next week and a trip to Juneau next month.  I should be getting better at this sort of wardrobe stuff, but I don't feel like I am!

:: eating gingersnaps from my grandma's recipe with my afternoon cup of coffee

:: reading The River Why (for book club), The Kindness Diaries (from the library), and Robyn Carr's Thunder Point series (trashy romance)

:: learning to do math all over again as I prep myself to finally take the Praxis and finally get my AK teaching credentials.  Ugh.

:: trying to look past the piles that seem to be cropping up all over this little home of ours.  Stuff threatens to overwhelm me daily.

:: cooking nothing!  Which hardly ever happens, but the school is doing a fundraising dinner tonight so I get the night off, lucky me!  Oh wait...I lied.  I totally caved and made Chex mix today.  That stuff is so addicting for me.  I honestly cannot stop eating it which is precisely why I try never to make it.

:: wondering what makes people tick...this town has so many personalities in such a small space.  They're bound to smash into each other from time to time.  This feels like one of those times to me.

:: watching nothing.  I almost never watch TV during the day.  I can't even remember the last time I turned in on...

:: hoping for a bit of snow...I'd really like to sled, ski, snowshoe, skate...anything!

:: remembering  this moment while it pours buckets outside...

:: creating a quilt top based on this 'stack and whack' technique.  They call theirs 'Random Acts of Happy'...right up my alley!

:: celebrating friendship...what a gift!!

:: considering when to go test drive cars.  My beloved little Hyundai has shown that she needs to be replaced.  I'm still in mourning.  Scott and I narrowed the list down last weekend and now I need to drive them. 

:: finishing ummm...I feel like I never finish anything!  Except cups of coffee, that is!