My Christmas Present

I am so excited about this Christmas present!  Scott and the girls made it for me following these plans and I just love how it turned out!  A local artist helped them decorate it and Saturday we got the final piece attached and I got to hang it up and fill it up.  Here it is in action...

This is my teeny-tiny entryway area.  I am smashed up against the wall and my treadmill here taking this picture.  The edge of the picture is wall.    Side note: yes...I still have my Christmas cards up.  The rest of the Christmas stuff got packed up last week and returned to the basement over the weekend, but I am still enjoying the cards.

I filled the bins with hats and gloves and scarves and such.  So far, so good!  Here's a close up of the special panel....

It's perfect for us.  Low profile and holds lots of stuff in an organized fashion.  Happy mama!  Thank you Scott, Kelsey, Stacy, and Brenda!


  1. Looks nice & all who was involved in making that for you did a good job :-)


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