Busy with lots of little things over here.  I went to town for a few days last week for some meetings.  I had my act together and scheduled posts, so I bet you never even knew I was gone!  Don't get used to that...I'm hardly ever that pro-active over here in this corner. Saturday we got some snow...and some wind!  Actually we got a lot of wind!  We played outside, but didn't last more than twenty minutes at the most.  Sunday we loaded up sleds and gear and headed to Girdwood with some friends.  They don't have much more snow than we did, but we had fun!

Then on Monday I went skiing with some friends of mine.  The Alyeska Resort in Girdwood is running a really great Learn to Ski deal.  If you've been reading here for very long you probably remember that I have some baggage in the area of skiing.  I've mostly gotten over it though, so I was looking forward to taking these lessons.  Scott had been encouraging me to for awhile, so when I found a buddy to go with it was time.

It was so much fun!  The lesson lasted two hours and the instructor was great.  He was all about body mechanics and that makes sense to me.  Center of gravity here, weight on this ski, etc.  I guess that high school coaching did some good, huh?  Anyway, after our lesson we went inside to warm up (it was 4 degrees!!) and have some lunch.  We went back out for a couple of hours after lunch to practice.  That was good!  Good to have some time to work on the stuff we learned in the morning.  A great day!  Back for lesson number two tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it!