Building With Dad

At some point last fall I went down to Scott's shop with the kids for one reason or another and remember thinking how cool it was--they have their own little routine down there!  They know what jobs they can do (sweeping, picking up, hunting down Dad's coffee cups, etc.), where dad keeps the markers they can use, and all that sort of thing.  When you step back and think about it, of course they do!  All of those weekends that I am working during the summer their days are full of things like running errands with Dad, spending time at his office, helping him with this or that, as well as lots of playing, boating, fishing, and watching movies.

A few weeks ago they went with him on a Saturday and started some pretty cool projects!  Kelsey made a box with a sliding lid for her important stuff and Stacy made a birdhouse for Peanut.  They didn't finish the projects completely, so I joined them the next day as they finished up.  Making stuff is really cool, making stuff with tools is even cooler!


  1. You girls are learning so much from dad. Proud of all 3 of you making projects together. Glad to see your learning how to use tools the right way. :-)

  2. Great Grandpa Eggison would be so proud of you girls & dad for working with tools. :-)


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