The Arrow Tail Quilt

I finished a project that's been in the works since late last winter.  That's a bit of a generous statement I suppose...'in the works' implies I have been working on it.  I haven't.  I started it with gusto and then set it aside for months.  I picked it back up this fall and then with an impending birthday as the perfect opportunity to give it to the intended recipient it was the perfect impetus to push me to finish it.  I followed this tutorial for the most part.  I made mine a bit different size/shape to make it a throw size and I quilted it differently.  Drum roll, it is!

I love the colors in this quilt and it was fun to finish it up at the cabin and be able to take pictures of it outside.  The fabric is all from the Lasting Legacies collection from Connecting Threads and it's all on clearance now!  I was surprised by how quickly the hand-sewing of the binding went.  I finished it in one day!  I am very pleased with how this turned out and am excited to give it to its new owner!


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