Family Photos

Family photos!  The subject of horror stories and funny stories alike.  Some families seem to have it so much more together in this area than we do!  They are the ones you see on Facebook and Pinterest who have lovely photos taken annually.  They always seem to look great, the weather is perfect, and so on.  I'm sure it's not really that way, but it feels that way to me.  There they are all put together and I feel so not with it.  Comparison is the thief of joy, right?!  Anyway...I had great plans to do this in October but sick kids and crummy weekend weather foiled all of my attempts.  My family was *very* understanding and obliging when I dragged all of the clothes up to the cabin with us over Thanksgiving, set up my tripod and then asked them to stand outside in 18 degree weather without coats on.  They aren't exactly what I envisioned but you know what?  That's OK.  When I look at them I will always remember their kind cooperation for this thing that really only mattered to me.  That's love.  We'll try again another time!  Without further ado, here we are!!

This one is our Christmas card this year.  Coming soon to a mailbox near you!

The hat picture.  Yup.  My kids are wearing the exact same hats they wore in photos three years ago!

The promised silly picture...

So there we go...another round of family photos in the books!  At this rate we're good for another couple of years!


  1. Good looking family. good pictures :-) Memory pictures :-)


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