Wet Snow

We had a great weekend...hope you did too!  Saturday was very laid back here in 804.  I actually spent the whole day in my PJs...even when we went outside!  No one has to know what's under the snow clothes, right?!?  I even got to take a nap...naps make me happy!

The girls wanted to go outside and play on Saturday so we gave it a try.  Not surprisingly they didn't love the snow, but we all benefited from the fresh air!

Because we believe hot chocolate is a food group (and because Kelsey's fingers were frozen) we had some hot chocolate to wrap up our disappointing outdoor adventure.  Marshmallows make everything better, right?!?  Luckily we have lots of fun snow-playing days ahead of us still!


  1. Their will be more snow in the future to make all kinds of things. Angels--hands-etc--enjoy playing in the snow for me. :-)


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